About We Are So Broken

Welcome to a my collection of poetry focusing on humanity, existence and society.  These poems explore the psychological, cultural, spiritual, institutional and political strings that tie us to one another, and create the fabric of this inescapable thing we call ‘society.’  As an anthropologist, I have dedicated my mind and soul to understanding human behavior, and how our interactions with the world around us shape our lives.

As a spiritual person, I am always seeking a metaphysical understanding of why and how we make choices and react to the actions of others.  There is no isolated incident; our choices have histories and futures.  I believe that everyone has a path, and that as far as nature is concerned, all life is equal.  As such, We Are So Broken is built upon a philosophy of Love, Acceptance, Equality and Forgiveness.

My more personal collection of poetry about life, love, and internal struggles can be found here.  Occasionally poems will be cross-posted.


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