Cannot Support His Supporters

A comment, just one line
to reveal a hush-hush held for some time,
in support of a previous regime
condemnation of our new leader’s first weeks,
she was always one of them, not what she seemed.

Well, burning bridges is not the finest way
although let me just say,
I have a desire to knock down every
pedestal that held that man in esteem,
every frail column that bolstered his steam.

She was supporting right under my nose
a despot who would strip me of my rights
my dignity, my life,
and I don’t want to say, but maybe it’s just,
a comment can make a friend former these days.

© Jasper A. Flintsmith 2021


January 6th

some shattered
their mirror
long ago,
now unseen,
depraved souls  
closing eyes
heeding lies,
hands stretched out
grasping glass,
for refined  

© Jasper A. Flintsmith 2021

Winter Blues

Trying to finish the year writing… My latest post, Winter Blues, is just a snippet of my feelings on our COVID-19 holiday season.

Jasper A. Flintsmith

Pandemic Behavior

First post in a long time…. writing this year has been difficult, but I’m trying to get back in the saddle. Check it out on my other blog here.

Try Harder

change must come

change will come

but first pain

will overflow

before the dam

is built in stone

we need to make sure

the building blocks are

bright, multi-colored

and cemented with love,

guarded to the brink of

all we face together

for any less, and raging

water will consume us all

only left with dust, pain and

molecules, to rebuild, after

all trust and love is broken down,

we must not let the dam falter

© J.A. Smith 2020

Biggest Decision Ever

it is a miracle

to nurture life into life

raise a child, impart wisdom,

spring into being pure love and heart,

yourself renewed, beginning through

fresh eyes for decades to come

the ultimate pass on,


on the other hand


why create existence

simply to abandon yours,

why make a tiny miracle

if it means sacrificing your life,

what is the point in creating,

inflicting heartache upon

an innocent, free soul


troubles of our world


the scales are uneven

the scales are askew

but I don’t know

in which way

they tilt,



© J.A. Smith 2019



Watching people on TV

Judgements flash in and out

Question is:

Do you second guess them?


Listening to others speak

Opinions form in mind

Question is:

Would you overturn them?


© J.A. Smith 2019



could an outward appearance, a surface mean so much?

should we all find predestine peace without severe strife?

could the surface of a level plane be enough?

would anyone attempt to accept agony,

should struggle simply slide steadily off shoulders?

would recognition flow upon a surface

would contentment cover all if they could?

should we expect abandonment of needs?

could it remain obligatory

to persuade one alone in all hope

not to take merciless action

not to react violently

rashly and impulsively?

could we stop their suffering?

should we make an attempt?

would it help to stem pain?

could the slope of skin

surface of a plane

beg one to stop

beg one to think

could we all

lend a hand

to help

them stop





please stay on this plane

and let a surgeon,

of your chest make a                                      plane



© J.A. Smith 2019



You may wonder: why

Is it necessary?

But do you wonder

Why it’s compulsory

To keep on breathing?


You may question if

I have any regrets.

But would you ever ask

If I have any regrets

About not killing myself?


© J.A. Smith 2019


since there’s nothing to do

supple flesh and pulp too

all those insides

un-scooped and raw


the emptiness

escaped and relentless

floating brings a sickness

out of this space


thick and stiff

gourd unstitched

carved thick skin

why not, for it has sinned


pulp, guts and seeds

planted in mind

a mind that finds no fault

in carving for all time


© J.A. Smith 2019